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In Gratitude


Friends who have lived and/or worked here over the past seven years--Melissa Krodman, Louise Erdman, Dave Madden, Kat Finney, Shawn Manchester, Dan Kaufman, Wilson Yerxa, LK James, Josh Banville, Joe Silberschmidt, Iman & Camille Mefleh, Rose & Lila Cherneff, Jesse Rothman, Ellie Lobovits, Haley Shurman, Austin Meyers, Butch Flowers and Erica Terpening--thank you for giving so much of yourselves to this land and to us. 


Craig Richov at Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources helped us with a grant to build the farmstore, and Bruce Howlett and John Cote at the Natural Resource Conservation Services helped us with grants and planning for our beautiful barn and greenhouse. 

Stephen Yoshen, Dan Cherneff and Cousin Steve helped us build everything, do everything, borrow everything, and understand how everything works. 

Ron Samson taught us all about cows from birth to death. He also taught us that the fastest way to move cows is slowly, which has saved us a lot of time. 

We've learned to work horses from lots of people, but Nathan Henderson, Chad Vogel, Kip Porter, Mary-Beth O'Shea, David Fisher, and Sam White were all incredibly helpful. 

And we are grateful for our families, whose support has made this farm, and our lives, possible.

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