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Wholesale Carrots


Carrots are our favorite vegetable, and the horses', too. They grow beautifully in our soil, and lend themselves to horse-powered machinery and cropping systems. We grow about a dozen varieties of heirloom and specialty carrots and wholesale them all fall, winter and spring.


Wholesale carrots are available through local food distributors or here on the farm. Please contact us to order.


We’re growing the following varieties this season, although they are not all available every week. Email us and we can put you on our wholesale availability list so you can see what’s on deck each week, along with pricing.


Orange Carrots


A storage classic. It’s got everything I want in a carrot — sweet, carroty, crunchy. Uniform Nantes type.

Sweet Mama 
Very sweet and delicious, but finicky to grow and late to harvest. Limited availability but well-worth trying. Nantes type.

French Chantenay Heirloom
A Bugs-Bunny shaped carrot with a nice fine grain and a deep carroty flavor. 

Massachusetts Heirloom 
An heirloom variety bred from the original Danvers, as in Danvers, MA. Great flavor.


Japanese Heirloom
Soft, yet crunchy. Very sweet.


Rainbow Carrots

Tequila Sunrise
This beauty is purple on the outside with a red ring before you hit the bright orange interior. If this carrot was just plain orange, we’d grow it anyway because the flavor and texture are so damn good. Nantes/Imperator type.


Heirloom Amarillo
Similar to Solar but deeper flavor and color. On the other hand, less uniform.

Solar Yellow
Sweet and juicy and yellow. Long, tapering Danvers type.

Kyoto Red
This is a new variety for us as we search for a red with excellent flavor. We’ll let you know.

Tri-color Nantes Mix
Cylindrical, uniform orange, yellow and purple.

Tri-color Chantenay Mix
Broad shoulders taper to a point. Orange, yellow and purple.

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